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Charles Stuart came to Scotland seeking support to dethrone England’s King George II and replace him with his father, James Stuart. If the Highlanders will join hits uprising, his promise to them is freedom from English tyranny, as well as guns, artillery and provisions for the battle. However, when the Battle of Culloden began, weary Highlanders had no weapons or food. They faced the King’s British Army who were trained, armed and ready for battle. Those Highlanders who were not killed were taken prisoner.

History tells the story of the massive slaughter of Highland men at the Battle of Culloden; however, very few histories tell of the battle’s aftermath. Known as The Clearances, there is no other event in all of Scotland’s history that can compare to the “ethnic cleansing” of the Highlands of Scotland which began shortly after the battle took place. The men, women, and children were told they had to leave their homeland, without belongings, money, or dignity.



When Beth discovered she had Clan Cameron ancestors, it was natural for her to seek more information about them. After many trips to Scotland, she says the most memorable thing was when she first saw the misty mountains and glens of the Highlands. If felt as if she had returned home and she feels the same every time she returns to Scotland.

Beth has written several articles and short stories about English and Scottish history on her Facebook page 'Scotland, Beloved Country'; a link can be found further down on the web-page. She has two books titled Survival of the Blood(first published book) and Tragedy of the Blood. Beth is a certified family counselor and resides in Mississippi Gulf Coast with her Scottish bag-pipe playing husband and with Millie, the dog.


“The defeat at Culloden Moor brutally ended the Scottish Highlands clan system.”

A heartfelt story of a terrible time in history; well written. Beth's characters become real and well known to the reader. Through their lives, the listener glimpses what life was...

-John Lee Creswell-

“Great book but I was surprised with the ending since it seems unfinished unless there's a sequel to this book?”

Ended too soon. The story should continue Leaves you hanging and that's not good. Is there a possibility of sequel. Since I am Scottish and come from the MacDonald and McIntyre...


“Excellent view into Scottish history”

While I'm not typically a fan of historical fiction, I actually found the story, and the rather brutal history, covered in the book to be quite fascinating. The ugliness of war...

-Sean Smith-

“I loved this book”

I loved this book! It was entertaining, but also very informative about the rich history of Scotland's Highlanders and how their lives were lived before and after the war. The characters were all well-developed, and I was brought to tears several times as tragedy invaded...

-Mary S.-

“A good read for all”

The author offers an interesting blend of history, fiction, and mysticism to suggest and explain the events that led up to the devastating loss of life and statehood at the battle of Culloden in the mid 18th century. Bristow manages the lives of several families as they...

-Casual Observer-

“Good Follow up to Diana Gabaldon books”

Excellent historical follow up and perspective regarding Scottish history of the Jacobite rising and post Culloden cleansing. Exciting read. Looking forward to any follow up books by this author to carry on with the lives of her heros and heroines. Keep them coming Beth!

-Diane Croitor-

“Survival of the Blood, my beloved Scotland.”

I just finished Survival of the Blood and enjoyed every minute of it. It held my intetest from the beginning to the very end. I wanted the book to go on and on. My ancestors came from Scotland and...

-Laurie E.-

“And was disappointed when I finished reading it”

This story continued to kept me fascinated. I laughed and I cried. It took place around the Jacobite uprising and the author brought depth to the main characters...

-D L-

“One of my favorite historical novels”

I loved this book. If you love a good fact based novel, Scotland and Scottish history this book is for you!!! Don't waste a moment- this fact based historical novel deserves to be read, savored and re-read. I cannot wait for the next book.

-Pamela J. Gardner-

"I enjoyed reading this book very much"

I enjoyed reading this book very much. I look forward to the next book by Beth Bristow. Being a first generation American I feel very strong ties to Scotland. I found this book to be very educational as well as endearing. I named my son Cameron so I also felt a sense of family...

-Lori Woodward-


This is an exceptional book. The author's historical knowledge and creativity merge to make an engaging story. We are brought through an emotional journey while following the lives of several families pre and post Culloden. A very timely tale as April 16th, 2016 marks ...

-Kindle Customer-

“A Must Read”

From the very first page you can tell the author has done her research. I have read other books of this time period but this one far surpasses the rest. I felt like I was actually living the story. I have a clearer understanding of the events leading up to the slaughter...


“A Peak at a Period of Scottish History”

This is an engaging book. The writer has done some detailed research. The writing was engaging but possibly lacked extended description. There were a couple places where the sexual...

-Warren Gene-

“I would recommend this to anyone”

Incredible book. I would recommend this to anyone... but if you happen to be of Scot descent or Scots-Irish you owe it to yourself to read this!

-Amazon Customer-

“What a Journey!”

I loved the book and the contents. Historically correct novel. Even though I have read about The Battle of Culloden this went further into the aftermath and what people suffered. She tied it very nicely together into the story. I could not put the book down and...

-H. Hight-

“A good read”

Enjoyed this book and the story being told. It is heart breaking, so sad that this all took place and how they were all treated. Just heartbreaking.

-Kindle Customer-

“Scotland Fiction”

The author presented the characters in the historical time period with clarity and intensity. Well done.

-Susan Lunsford-

“Wonderful book!”

Excellent book! Love how much history history the author has written about. I stayed up late many nights reading because I couldn't put this book down. Can't wait for the next one to be published!

-Katherine Deanes-

“Five Stars”

Good book

-Pauline Barrios-

“Scotland history in a wonderful book.”

Am still reading. .but am thrilled with the history. The book is well written and very engaging.


“Great read”

I chose this rating as it's a brilliant book that would be of interest to anyone who's interested in Scottish past. Can't wait for the next installment.

-Shirley Barrow-

“A wonderful book Takes you into the lives of the families ...”

A wonderful book Takes you into the lives of the families fighting in the uprising. Historically accurate as much as possible .Gives you a new understanding of the difficult conditions

-Amazon Customer-

“Five Stars”

Super book, but felt like it left me wanting a sequel.


“Five Stars”

Outstanding book!

-Janice Byers-

“Historically Interesting, Contemporary Implications”

"Survival of the Blood" is a masterfully written account of the attempts of King George II of England and his son William Augustus to eradicate the Scots of the Highlands...

-Eileen Burdock-

“"Survival of the Blood" - Wow! It pulls the reader in and deeply touches all of the emotions.”

I love reading good books that pull me into the story to the point that I find it hard to stop reading. I'm typically not a big fan of historical books but ...

-Amazon Customer-

“~~ Life and death in the Scottish Highlands before, during and after Culloden ~~”

An interesting preface, introduction, prologue and map start to prepare you for what's ahead. Chapter 1 finds us in October 1745 where Duncan Cameron is lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood with Gordon and Ewan cursing the Campbells for taking their cattle. Ewan's wife,...

-Richard and Liz TOP 500 REVIEWER-

“A Powerful, well-written historical novel.”

Iv am a historical researcher and analyst and received this book as a gift. It's the best historical fiction I've read in some time, which is especially nice given that...

-Cecilia Becker-

“Scottish History”

Very good book. Brings to life the history of Scotland during and after the Battle of Culladon. Strongly recommend this book .

-Catharine McPherson-

“Beth is an amazing writer!”

How well researched the history of Scotland was done! Loved the excellent story held my attention!


“Great book by a great author”

I have read Survival of the Blood and have been waiting for Tragedy of the Blood. I am now half way through Tragedy and Beth does not disappoint in weaving history into her books...

-Deborah Stuart-




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